Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing issues of national and international politics. Because of the increasing economic imbalance between the EU and its neighbouring states in the East and the South, more and more people try to illegally cross the EU border.

The Treaty of Amsterdam on the European Union (EU) states that the EU:

But in reality, this is not the case. According to Euro­pol there is "an annual increase of 500.000 to 1.000.000 illegal immigrants in the EU", leading to rising crime rates, smuggling networks and the influx of islamic terrorists and drug dealers.

The European Border Watch Organisation (EUBW) was founded to support the initiatives of those European citizens to whom European security is important.

The goal of the EUBW is not only to prevent illegal immigration, but also to prevent human tragedies like the drowning of immigrants in the Mediterranean sea (28.000 dead people since the year 2000), not to mention the shameless exploitation of those that do manage to enter.

We need your help to prevent fates like these! Help us to make the EU border safe for everyone! With your help we want to achieve:

We support legal immigration to Europe. But the states of the EU need a general immigration law for regulating the immigration process, as is found for example in Canada, with a screening for qualified applicants. This will take a long time however. Until then we need to act !


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